About Me

My current Internet activity divides into two subjects: film and Funko. The latter has way more interest since this is something more niche. I am aware of it. Nevertheless, my prime focus has always been cinema and a broad sense of pop culture. 

I write about all that interest me which is a lot. My hobbies vary greatly and I can’t pick “just one”. So even though I am trying to focus the most on cinema-related content, you’ll find all sorts of things here. As it grows (hopefully!), I’d like to separate posts by categories so you don’t need to scroll the whole archive for a specific subject. And I know some of my odd interests won’t find much of an audience. But hey, worth a try!

From a more personal point of view, I am very open and sometimes too honest for an average person. This is why I decided to be an activist for what I am or what I’ve been through. From time to time you’ll find me writing about mental health or gender theory. 

I enjoy a good discussion as long as we’re polite and don’t judge one another. I love reading reactions to my perspective so please do answer to anything you’d like!

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Why Hero Management?

The name comes from a song by my favourite band. I am aware it is not exactly marketing friendly, but it got stuck with me. And I do enjoy the idea of how flexible a definition of a hero can get.