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Oscars Predictions 2023

Everybody keeps saying that the Oscars don’t mean a thing anymore. Don’t they though?

Sure, they are problematic, but they are still the most important film award in our current world. It has never been fair but the film business isn’t, either. And never has been. The marketing world still floods the film posters with all the nominations and the people who aren’t all the way into cinema still consider the winners important. It won’t change too much. What is (slowly) changing is the award itself – by all the dramas in recent years – and it is for the better. The Academy will never be objective – it is impossible. But it is trying to be more open and adjust to the times. That is what is important.

But that subject is long and I am not ready to write about it just yet. Meanwhile, have my expectations on the Oscar Ballot. The key is simple:

  • the X mark is the expected winner
  • the highlight is who I’d pick
  • the heart marks other valuable performances/films
  • * in the case of documentaries I only watched two and I don’t know a thing, so I marked the ones I’d seen
You can find your own ballot here

A few remarks (following the list):

  • SUPPORTING ACTOR: My boyfriend said Judd Hirsh will score a nomination right after we got out of The Fabelmans. I didn’t believe it. He was right.
  • SUPPORTING ACTRESS: This is a tough call and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bassett won (she was the best thing in this mediocre film). Yet, I’d rather anybody else.
  • ANIMATED FEATURE: I strongly believe we might be in the year of Disney (Turning Red) not winning. It’s all between this and Pinocchio but Marcel is such an adorable thing, you should add it to your wishlist now.
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY: All are great, but I’ll be truly disappointed if anything else wins here. Although a huge shoutout to Roger Deakins because Empire of Light is magic. And another to Greig Fraser for The Batman. It should be there instead of Elvis.
  • COSTUME DESIGN: Also, Black Panther is a big possibility here, and Babylon, too. Still, I think the hype Elvis is on, will give it that. But for me, Jobu Tupaki’s costumes (and the sausage fingers) did the job best.
  • DIRECTING: Team Inisherin. McDonagh should’ve won for Billboards (I’m still full of love for del Toro!) and he is such a pro in his stories. The Daniels did something exquisite and impossible for the Oscars though. I respect them, too. They had a hell of a leadership to bear.
  • INTERNATIONAL: Fingers crossed for the Polish donkey! For once I root for my country.
  • SCORE: All are neat. But John Williams made The Fabelmans extra emotional. And he’s John Williams.
  • SONG: I don’t remember when I had a proper candidate in this category. And I can’t believe it’s a Bollywood one!
  • BEST PICTURE: A lot of these are great. We had an extraordinary year of film. But after a battle with myself, I stand with McDonagh.
  • ANIMATED SHORT: Ostrich has the best screenplay and a great clay animation (which I personally dislike). But I expect the most popular one wins here.
  • LIVE ACTION SHORT: Le Pupille is a Disney one and it checks all the boxes of pretentious and pompous entertainment.
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: I expect Maverick but I won’t be surprised if Avatar gets the consolation award.
  • ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Women Talking might just get it for the subject. Or Top Gun which I don’t understand. My heart stays with Living.
  • ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: This should be Inisherin, but I’ll be happy either way.

Let’s see if I get it in only a few hours! And tell me what are your types!

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